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The Old Testament in 8 minutes

August 27, 2017

Put the Old Testament in historical context with the help of this short video…


Download the Bible Timeline (PDF)

Source: YouTube – Mill City Church Columbia, SC.

There’s only one Mind

June 27, 2011

Here is a song by John London based on the Bible Lesson for June 27 – July 3, 2011 on “God”…

“Fading, Finite Forms”

June 13, 2011

Here’s another music video by John London… based on “Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?” Bible Lesson.

“No Accidents”

June 5, 2011

Here’s a fun music video by Christian Scientist, John London.

Based on a quote from Mary Baker Eddy (Science and Health with Key to the ScripturesS&H 424:5 
Accidents are unknown to God, or immortal Mind, and we must leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind, in order to change the notion of chance to the proper sense of God’s unerring direction and thus bring out harmony.

Jairus’ Testimony

March 14, 2011

Dear friends,

Many years ago something truly wonderful happened in our family, something I would never have believed possible. There was a time when I had to be careful who heard me speak of it, but now I would like to share it with you all.   My name is Jairus, and the story takes place in Capernaum, by lake Galilee, a city where I once held an important position as a ruler of the synagogue.

It was in the year AD 32.  My wife and I were in great distress because our only child, Abigail (her name means “source of delight”), just twelve years old, was very sick.  The physician had administered potions, but they were not having any effect.  My fellow members at the synagogue were unable to help. They believed that if it was God’s will that our little girl should die, then nothing could or should be done about it.  In fact they thought that God had probably sent the sickness as a punishment to me.

You see, I had heard about this man Jesus, who was travelling around declaring that the kingdom of God was present right now, and that the way to eternal life came not through death, but by love – wholehearted love for God and for one’s fellow man.  These seemed strange doctrines, but Jesus (although apparently a mere carpenter’s son) spoke with impressive authority.  And what’s more, he proved his words by healing sick people – whole crowds of them – restoring sight and hearing, and making lame men walk again.  I was sure that he must be a holy man, perhaps even the Messiah, as had been rumoured.  A colleague of mine, Nicodemus, had visited Jesus one night and Jesus talked with him about being born again in the Spirit, and about the importance of believing and living truth.  Nicodemus didn’t quite understand it all, but came away convinced that Jesus was honest and good, and that he spoke with authority. He clearly had a close relationship with God.

However, most of the scribes and Pharisees at the synagogue, the rulers of religious law, believed that this man was a bad influence, causing a division amongst the Jews.  They accused him of blasphemy, because he claimed to be the Son of God; and of breaking the law by healing on the Sabbath day. They said he must be a devil, and some even wanted to kill him.  Myself, I could not see that a sinful person could bring about such marvellous healings, or teach about God’s love, and the kingdom of heaven.

As the days went by and the child’s condition grew worse, I became very distressed, and on this day I went out to walk about by the side of the lake, to get away from the fearful atmosphere in the house. My thoughts were troubled.  Could it be true that the God whom Jesus called Abba – a loving Father who cared for His children – would cause the death of a child? I had heard that Jesus loved little children – could he, perhaps, heal my little daughter?

Suddenly I noticed a small crowd gathering on the shore, where a fishing boat was pulling in.  I heard people calling to each other, “Jesus is here!” and more and more people joined the crowd to hear what he had to teach them, or to ask for healing.  I moved closer, and heard someone telling how, that very day, Jesus had stilled a storm on the lake, saving his friends from drowning; and then had cured a man of insanity.  That settled it for me – I made up my mind to ask him for help.

In desperation I pushed my way through the dense crowd until I reached him, and I fell to my knees in front of him.  Almost in tears, I told him that my little girl was close to death, and I begged him most urgently to come with me and lay his hands on her.  I was certain that if he did that, she would be healed, and live.

Jesus helped me to my feet. He smiled reassuringly at me and said that of course he would come.  He told me to lead the way.  We set off straightaway toward my home, the crowd following, jostling him and clamouring for his attention.  This made our progress down the road very slow.  Suddenly, Jesus stopped, and the people around him stopped also.  He turned around and addressed them, asking, “Who touched me?”   The crowd fell silent and looked about them. “It wasn’t me”, one said.  “Anyone could have done it”, another muttered.

His disciples were amazed that he should ask this. “You can see the huge number of people pressing around you“, one said, “and you ask, ‘Who touched me?’ ”   Jesus replied, “I know somebody has deliberately touched me, because I felt power go from me.”  And he looked around him, expectantly.  I was beginning to feel a bit impatient about this delay, so anxious was I to get home to my daughter.

But Jesus patiently waited until a woman slowly emerged from the throng looking very scared – in fact she was trembling with fear. She bravely knelt at Jesus’ feet and said, “O Master, it was me.”  Then she told how she had been suffering from a loss of blood for twelve years, and the efforts of physicians to cure her had been painful, useless, and cost her all her money.  She got no better – in fact grew worse.  Like myself, she had heard reports of Jesus, and was following in the crowd.  She had said to herself that if she could just touch the holy fringe of his robe, she would be healed. And, looking up at Jesus, she said that when she had touched it, she immediately felt better, and she knew that she was healed.

Jesus was not at all angry. He spoke very gently to her, saying, “Cheer-up, daughter – take courage; it was not merely touching my robe that healed you, but your faith in the Christ. Go in peace, for you are completely well.”

I was glad for her, of course, and impressed by the healing. But while he was still speaking to her, some of my servants came running up the road. They brought terrible news: my little girl had died. It was too late for Jesus to help us now. I cried out and held my head in my hands; I was devastated.  However, Jesus had overheard the conversation. He put a hand on my shoulder and looked directly at me. I raised my eyes to meet his. His gaze was steady and reassuring.  “Don’t be afraid,” he said firmly, “just trust in God she shall be healed.”  And as he spoke the fear left me, I felt at peace, and confident that all would be well.

Jesus then sent the crowd away, and allowed only three of his disciples – Peter, James, and John – to go with us, and we were able to walk more quickly.   When we got near we could hear a great din coming from the house, where, according to custom, people were weeping and wailing loudly, and playing mournful music.  When we went in, Jesus said to the mourners, “Why do you make such a noise and fuss? Be quiet! The little girl is not dead, but sleeping.”

They laughed and jeered at him, because they were certain that she was dead. But he sent them all outside.  My wife came to me, wondering what was going on; her eyes were red from crying.  I held her close, and then took her hand as Jesus and the three disciples went into the room where the lifeless body of our little girl lay on a bed.  It broke my heart to see it. We stood in silence as Jesus went across to her, and gently took her little hand in his. We wondered at this because, according to Jewish law, touching the dead made one unclean. But Jesus seemed not to worry about that.

“Little girl”, he said softly, “Arise – get up now!”  And to our great astonishment, Abigail immediately stood up and walked. She didn’t struggle, or need anyone to help her, but walked across the room to us, alive and completely well!  This was no ghostly spirit – she hugged her mother and me, and we were overwhelmed with amazement, joy, and gratitude, laughing and crying at the same time.  It was the most wonderful moment of our lives!  It was as though a great light had been switched-on inside me – not just from the sheer joy of having our little girl restored, but with the realisation that I had been privileged to witness the power of almighty God in action. I knew it would change our lives forever.

Jesus was smiling, but he told us not to discuss it with anyone (because of those who wanted him dead), and to give her something to eat.  And then he and the disciples went on their way.

I am truly grateful to God and to His son, Christ Jesus.

[See Mark 5:20-43; Luke 8:40-56]

Anne P. Daly

Music: “God and You” lyrics and music

November 5, 2010

God and you sheet musicDownload the lyrics and sheet music for a song titled “God and You” by Christian Scientist and composer John Woodsworth of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Thank you John!

DOWNLOAD: lyrics and sheet music “God and You” Click here (pdf)»

Click here to hear how this song sounds»

Adam and Fallen Man (Nov 1-7, 2010) Jr. Crossword Puzzle & Word Search

November 2, 2010

Jr Crossword Puzzle and Word SearchThe Jr. Crossword Puzzle & Word Search for “Adam and Fallen Man” by contributor Kathy Erins is available to download.  (You must be a VIP PASS member to access. Not a VIP PASS member? Click here to learn more»)

VIP PASS DOWNLOAD: Jr. Crossword Puzzle & Word Search (Kathy Erins): pdf file


Play: The story of Joshua

November 1, 2010

Contributed by Heather Stafstrom, Melbourne, Australia

We did a play recently in our Waverley Sunday School (Australia)  with combined classes of 9-12 year olds on Joshua, the script being based on the Message Bible.

DOWNLOAD PLAY SCRIPT: STORY OFJOSHUA – the prophet after Moses, who finally led the Israelites to the Promised Land. (Based on The Message Bible). Click here to download (Word .doc)»

Adam and Fallen Man (Nov 1-7, 2010) Sunday School Activity Sheet

October 31, 2010

Sunday School Activity SheetThe Sunday School Activity Sheet for “Adam and Fallen Man” by contributor Mary Kay West is available to download.  (You must be a VIP PASS member to access. Not a VIP PASS member? Click here to learn more»)

VIP PASS DOWNLOAD: Weekly Sunday School Activity Sheets (Mary Kay West):pdf fileanswer sheet

Moses and the Rod (K-1)

October 31, 2010

Download this story of “Moses and the Rod” (designed for K-1) by Lynn Smith pdf file

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