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Bible characters: The Joseph Connection

October 27, 2010

The Joseph ConnectionThe Joseph Connection: Trusting God’s Plan, an activity sheet by contributor Mary Kay West.  (You must be a VIP PASS member to access. Not a VIP PASS member? Click here to learn more»)

VIP PASS DOWNLOAD: The Joseph Connection (Mary Kay West): pdf file

Angels worksheet

October 26, 2010

Click here to download a worksheet on “Angels” by Joan K. Snipes.

Everlasting Punishment (Oct 25-31, 2010) Jr. Crossword Puzzle & Word Search

October 26, 2010

Jr. Crossword PuzzleThe Jr. Crossword Puzzle & Word Search for “Everlasting Punishment” by contributor Karen Kling is available to download.  (You must be a VIP PASS member to access. Not a VIP PASS member? Click here to learn more»)

DOWNLOAD: Jr. Crossword Puzzle & Word Search (Karen Kling): pdf file

“Sunday School Review” game

October 25, 2010

Contributed by Becky Coughtry

Sunday School Review game

Here’s an activity that I use often and change often. It is simple and easy to access with little ones – ages 3 on up! I call it the Sunday School Review game.

I made a large game board out of craft paper which folds up and out of the way easily. The game area looks like a squiggly donut divided into colorful squares – and the kids had a hand in coloring. There is no beginning or end to this game, the circle is closed. As Sunday School lessons progress, I gather simple questions which I write on small cards – questions like: What is the First Commandment? Who wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures? Share a way you thought about God this week. Sing the first verse of “Shepherd.” – you get the idea. I also have a small stationery box in which I drew a simple 4-square, labeling each square with a number 1 to 4. I gathered several small objects to use as game markers. We have an angel button, a thimble, a heart eraser, etc. The game board, markers, and questions all fit into this box.

When it’s time to play “Sunday School Review” we fold out the game board, take turns tossing a button into the box to see how many jumps we get. Each child picks a question to answer, they jump their markers around the board. There is no beginning or end – kids can jump in where they want. It’s just fun to hop around the board and try to land on a friend’s spot. I included some of the questions I have gathered over the lessons. I change out the questions, add and delete as needed. There is no winning or losing – no real competition – just Sunday School Review!

Bible Games for Second Graders

October 25, 2010

Contributed by Carol Horen

I teach a class of Second Graders and I noticed that they don’t know their way around the Bible very well, so I invented several games for them.

1) Old or New game: It is just writing out each book of the Bible on colored cardstock and the kids have to guess if the book is in the Old Testament or the New Testament. I use a Bible Timeline so they can see when different things took place.

2) 10 Commandments: I have made a matching game for the 10 Commandments, where I have separated each commandment in half. Example: “Thou shalt have no” is on one piece of paper and “other gods before me” is written on another piece of paper. They have to match them together and put them all in order.

3) Bible Stories: I have continued the matching theme further with Bible stories. “David” will be on one piece of paper and “Goliath” will be on another piece. I read one half and they have to say the other half. We always discuss the stories. I want them to know more than just the names. Sometimes one name will have multiple answers. David and Abigail, David and Goliath, David and Saul…

I use different colored index cards as they are a handy size when cut in half. The 10 Commandments are all one color, the Bible Stories are another color. It helps us find which game we want to play.

Everlasting Punishment (Oct 25-31, 2010) Weekly Sunday School Vocabulary

October 25, 2010

The Weekly Sunday School Vocabulary for “Everlasting Punishment” by contributors Marilyn and Mark Mohlenbrock is available to download.  (You must be a VIP PASS member to access. Not a VIP PASS member? Click here to learn more»)

DOWNLOAD: Weekly Sunday School Vocabulary (Marilyn and Mark Mohlenbrock): pdf file

Everlasting Punishment (Oct 25-31, 2010) Sunday School Activity Sheet

October 25, 2010

Sunday School Activity Sheet
The Sunday School Activity Sheet for “Everlasting Punishment” by contributor Mary Kay West is available to download.  (You must be a VIP PASS member to access. Not a VIP PASS member? Click here to learn more»)

DOWNLOAD: Weekly Sunday School Activity Sheets (Mary Kay West): pdf file | answer sheet

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