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Join our writing team

Volunteers needed. If you are, or have been, a Christian Science Sunday School teacher for younger children or if you would like to write or illustrate for Christian Science children, we’d love for you to volunteer for our“Guide My Little Feet” blog team. We are looking for writers, poets and artists and any ideas you may have. You may contribute on a regular or occasional basis – whatever time you can afford. Your work can be brief or detailed. Let us know of your interest. We’ll help you get started! We are also looking for a person to help us edit and manage this material.

Please email me to volunteer or for more information.

On behalf of young Christian Science children around the world we thank you for considering this project. With your help, we look forward to developing a really useful and fun resource for the “future generation” of metaphysicians  and their parents to use TOGETHER!

Mark Mohlenbrock
Foundation for Prayerful Living

Below is a list of some of the material we are interested in adding.  Please review it and let me know if you are interested in working on any of these.  NOTE: PLEASE let me know of what you are interested in working on BEFORE you begin so we can make sure that you are not working on something which someone else might be doing.

Remember: the material should be for those under 12.

Articles on healing for kids

  • stories, poetry, music, art about the practical application of CS for kids
  • stories, poetry, music dealing with family, friends, siblings, pets, sports, bullying, love, health, etc.
  • testimonies of healing by kids

Bible Characters

  • articles, poetry, music, art about Bible characters. Stories retold for youngsters, worksheets, etc.  We’ll try to tie these to the Bible Lesson as well.

CS Vacation Bible Schools

  • information and resources for CS Vacation Bible Schools including lists of churches planning CSVBS for next year, curricula, helpful hints, etc.

Games and Activities

  • Bible games and other learning activities, worksheets, coloring sheets, puzzles

Getting to know Father-Mother God

  • articles, poetry, music, art about God, synonyms, angels, the “allness of God”

Getting to know myself

  • articles, poetry, music, art about one’s spiritual nature, love, intelligence, virtuous qualities, confidence, inner beauty, the “perfect child” etc.

Getting to know Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and Mary Baker Eddy

  • articles, poetry, music, art about S&H, Scientific Statement of Being, Lord’s Prayer with spiritual interp., Mary Baker Eddy, other CS concepts, etc.

Getting to know the Bible

  • articles, poetry, music, art about Bible themes and concepts, The Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, Lord’s Prayer, 23rd Psalm, etc.
  • plays of Bible stories


  • mp3 files, lyrics, Bible songs, CS camp songs, resources to by sheet music


  • Poetry on any of these topics

Resources for this week’s Bible Lesson

  • articles, poetry, music, art on topics in the Lesson explained at the under 12 level, etc.
  • plays of Bible stories in the Lesson
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